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A DIY software that allows users to quickly and efficiently recover and protect data

A DIY software that allows users to quickly and efficiently recover and protect data

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Program by: Ontrack

Version: 6.21.02

Works under: Windows


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Trial version

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Easyrecovery Professional is developed by Kroll Ontrack to provide business and personal computer users the ability to recover damaged or deleted files. In addition, the application is designed to recover damaged or corrupted data from external storage devices as well.


  • A primary pro associated with Easyrecovery Professional is the ubiquitous nature of its functionality. As noted, Easyrecovery Professional is capable of recovering data from both a personal computer's hard drive as well as from external memory devices. This includes the recovery of data from initialized disks, which historically had been considered forever lost.
  • Another important pro of Easyrecovery Professional is the fact that it truly is easy to use. The product comes complete with an easy to use interface, with a simplistic design. Everything on the interface is evident and easy to access.
  • A person with no experience in recovering a lost, damage or corrupted file can make use of Easyrecovery Professional without any difficulty. Easyrecovery Professional includes an easy to follow recovery wizard that makes the restoration process simple and efficient.
  • Another of the benefits associated with the Easyrecovery Professional application is a full spectrum of tools. These include email recovery, hex viewer and SMART. In addition, the tools associated with Easyrecovery Professional includes bad block and block usage diagnostics, imaging tools or resources, copy disk as well as refresh disk resources.
  • Easyrecovery Professional can be ready to use in no time at all. One of the notable positive aspects of the application is the fact that it is very easy to download and install. The entire process typically is completed easily within a matter of minutes.


  • On the downside, the recovery system associated with Easyrecovery Professional does not maintain the original file name of a lost, damaged or corrupted item. Although this might not be problematic if only one file needs to be recovered, oftentimes a person needs to recovery multiple items. In such situations, the naming issue does cause problems for many a user.
  • The free derivation of the product does have quite limited functionality. Although some basic recovery tasks can be undertaken, to take advantage of the full spectrum of resources offered by Easyrecovery Professional, a person is left having to purchase (the pricy) paid version of the application.